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Full-Text Selection

With the kind permission of the publisher, we offer a selection of materials to be found in the two volumes: Foreword, an interview, a roundtable discussion, Introduction to Volume Two, and Epilogue.


Volume One (see contents of Volume One)

Foreword. Charles B. Curtis Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Acting Secretary of the US Department of Energy 1994-1997  in Russian

A Conversation with Lev Dmitrievich Ryabev,  currently deputy director at VNIIEF and advisor to S. V. Kirienko, director of Rosatom; former minister of Medium Machine Building 1986-1989 and first deputy minister of Minatom 1993-2002. Based on interviews by Siegfried S. Hecker on April 26, 2014 and July 9, 2015   in Russian

A Roundtable Discussion on the Warhead Safety and Security Exchange Agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States.   Contributors to the discussion


Volume Two (see contents of Volume Two)

The Human Dimension: The Interpersonal Nature of Lab-to-Lab Cooperation. Alla A. Kassianova and Siegfried S. Hecker, Stanford University  in Russian

Epilogue. Siegfried S. Hecker, Stanford University  in Russian