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Joint Conferences on Computational Methods

This collection of photos, records and reports, courtesy of Dr. Dale Nielsen,  provides historically accurate details about the US-Russian conferences on computational methods. These conferences nurtutred scientific contacts and branched out into joint research and joint projects with lasting benefits to all the labs involved in them. 

Russian/US weapons laboratories introductory technical exchange in computational and computer science (JCCM-1), Livermore, Ca, LLNL, 19-21  October 1992

 Agenda of JCCM-1

Session A: Algorithm Development I,  October 19  Session A, List of Papers  Session A, Full text

Session B: Algorithm Development II, October 19 Session B, List of Papers  Session B, Full text

Session C: Applications, October 20 Session C, List of Papers Session C, Full text

Session D: Applied Math and Analysis, October 21 Session D, List of Papers Session D, Full text

Session E: High-Performance Computing, October 21 Session E, List of Papers Session E, Full text

Session F: Distributed Computing, October 20 Session F, List of Papers Session F, Full text

Computer Modelling Conference (JCCM-2), Arzamas-16, VNIIEF, September 7-11, 1993

Agenda of JCCM-2

September 7 Program

September 8 Program

September 9 Program

September 10 Program

Dale Nielsen's notes of I.D. Sofronov opening talk

Third Joint Conference on Computation Mathematics (JCCM-3), Los Alamos, NM, January 23-27, 1995

Agenda of JCCM-3

Attendee list

Fourth Joint Conference on Computational Mathematics (JCCM-4), Snezhinsk, May 20-25, 1996

List of papers presented

Abstracts of papers

Fifth Joint Russian-American Computational Mathematics Conference (JCCM-5) , Albuquerque, NM, SNL, September 2-7, 1997

Agenda of JCCM-5

Proceedings of JCCM-5

Joint Russian-American Five-Laboratory Conference on Computational Mathematics/Physics (JCCM-6), Viena, Austria, June 19-23, 2005

Overview and List of participants

Conference attendees photo index